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Thank you for choosing Endurance Athletes Physical Therapy and Sport Performance / for your care! I truly appreciate you coming to see me and letting me help you meet your goals.

Please take a brief moment to fill out the following questions in order to help me learn how to treat you and other athletes better. I want your honest feedback, good or bad. This will help me make your treatment smoother in the future and help other athletes have a better process for care.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!


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    1. What did you particularly like or dislike about the website,

    2. What would you change about the scheduling process?

    3. If you were me, what one thing would you add, delete, or do differently about anything (website, facilities, treatment, scheduling, billing)?

    4. How did you benefit by seeing me? Please feel free to use specific examples.

    5. Would you recommend a friend to see me?

    If so, THANK YOU!! Please share my information with them: 614-526-8720 phone;; or my email:


    Finally, reviews are very important for me right now to get the word out about Endurance Athletes PT and Sport Performance.  If you have the time, posting a review for me on any of the sites below would be hugely helpful.  Thank you!


    These reviews really help my practice show up on local searches and maps when athletes are looking for the services I provide.  Click the link below to write a Google+ review:

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