RefinedRun has many options to meet your needs.

Local, In-Person

Dr. Brown Budde can see you for in-person appointments as needed. Local appointments are in Dublin, OH or throughout the surrounding Columbus metropolitan area by mobile appointment.

Online, Remote

While the name of having an appointment over the phone or computer is still emerging (telehealth, telerehab, telemedicine, virtual physical therapy, online appointment) , the need for an online or virtual appointment is here.

If you’re wondering if an online appointment is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you busy during the day?
    • Do you have multiple schedules and people that you are managing?
    • Are you a caretaker and can’t find time to take care of yourself?
    • Are you away on vacation, work travel or gone at a race?
    • Is it near impossible to get time off of work for an appointment?
    • Would you like to add some time to your day while still getting high quality care?

With online / virtual appointments, you can have an appointment online, by just using your phone or computer. You don’t have to travel for an appointment. You don’t have to wait in traffic or take time out of your schedule for a commute.

Online appointments can be live, synchronous video appointments or as easy as sending me some videos and information on your own time and I can analyze and respond with a treatment program.

Read more about Telehealth here.

Learn more about Online Video Running Gait Analysis here. 

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