This page is dedicated to helping you become better with suggested tools and supplies.  In my practice and online, I get a lot of questions about what stuff runners need to stay healthy.  Below is a listing of some of the different items I’ve mentioned or recommended in different posts or in the clinic.  Enjoy!

Mobility Belt

Keep those hips loose!

Many of you have watched the video on how to open up your hips to provide better glute activation and push off during your running stride. This will make you a more efficient and healthier runner. You do need one piece of equipment for this: a mobilization belt.

This mobilization belt is long, sturdy, and has a convenient buckle to make getting into and out of the exercise easy.  If you are interested in this belt, either click the picture to the left or the link below to purchase through Amazon.


OPTP Mulligan Mobilisation Belt (635)



Foam Roller

Open Up Those Muscles!

Using a foam roller is one of the best ways to stay on top of working out any tightness, stiffness, or muscle inflexibility you may be feeling after workouts. Using a high density foam roller is the best to open up your muscles most efficiently. Click the link below to purchase the foam roller through Amazon.

Amazon Basic High Density Foam Roller


Yoga Toes

Regain Foot Mobility and Stability by Stretching Those Toes!

In order to maintain proper form during running, you can’t forget about the toes! The toes need to have the mobility to extend during push off and flex to provide stability and proper propulsion during running gait. Yoga Toes can help to mobilize your toes when you’re not in the clinic. This little tool helps you stretch while you don’t have to do any work. As with any mobilization, perform your foot and toe strength and balance exercises after you get done with the Yoga Toes mobilization. Enjoy!

Resistance / Exercise Bands

Get stronger and improve your running form and gait from your home! No gym needed with these bands.

Resistance bands are a favorite of mine in many of my exercises. From the side to side band walks to hip work in bridges and standing positions, using resistance bands is easy wherever you happen to be.

Plantar Fascia stretch

In addition to individualized strengthening, using a device to assist with the most effective stretching position is helpful to reduce pain and improve function. The first item below is the top of the line, best product I have found for localized stretching and strengthening for the plantar fascia. It is adjustable for your mobility and progressions.



Heel Lifts for Achilles Issues

Sometimes starting with a heel lift is a beneficial step for Achilles issues. Here is a nice adjustable heel lift that I use with my clients: 

Click Here



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